Welcome to Big Ideas Little Cents!

Welcome! My name is Alissa. I’m a wife to an amazing man,  mother to 6 (yes, six) great kids, and a craftaholic. I usually have bigger ideas than time and money, hence the name of my site. I have tried my hand at many different things. Someone asked me what I don’t do… well, many things. I can’t draw even a stick person to save my life. Why both of my sisters and a couple of brothers got the art gene and it skipped me, I don’t know. It I could just transfer to their hands what I want drawn, life would be so much easier! I made two really cute crochet baby blankets for two nieces, and when I tried one for my first born, I failed miserably. So, sadly, I don’t really crochet anymore. I can not cross-stitch either, don’t know why, I just can’t. I am working on learning how to decorate, reupholster and work with wood. I love to learn new things. And, I’m always up for a challenge.

You might say I’m a perfectionist. I’m trying to recover. I wish I could just jump in and complete a project really fast, but I want it done right and so that usually takes me a little more time than it takes others. I have to say… I’m kind of jealous of people who see something, jump in and get it done with super speed. I always aim to make my projects the best they can be. And in my attempt to do so, I sometimes find unique techniques that either work or look better. I hope to document and share some of the projects and ideas that I have swimming around in my head with you. In my attempts to do so, I hope you find something you love and find useful. Come with me on my journey as I try to beautify my life and add my own little spark without breaking the bank!