Super Simple DIY Muffin Valentine Gift {with a freebie!}

super simple and original muffin valentine box with freebie printable


I always love giving  unique gifts and cards for Valentine’s Day. I love little mini muffins, they’re so cute! And I thought I’d like to do a Valentine using mini muffins this year. You can use any type of mini muffin. I used my great-grandma’s recipe for Kuaku Inn Banana Bread. Some of my other favorite muffin flavors are blueberry, almond poppy seed & apple cinnamon, hint hint.

I had a lot of fun coming up with the phrase and tag for this adorable little box.  It really couldn’t be much easier to put together.  I’m including a print file and a print & cut file for free so you can create your own valentines as well. This is the gift my kids’ teachers are getting for Valentine’s Day this year.

For this craft, you’ll need: {affiliate links below}

Below you’ll find the freebie printables. There are two pictures, the link to the jpg download page is under each picture. So just scroll beneath the saying you want and click the link. The image will open in a new tab. Right click the image and click “Save as” and put it in a folder where you can easily find it in again. If you don’t want to save it, just right click the image in the new tab and tell it to print. I recommend printing on plain cardstock.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine Box with Freebie Printable! Big Ideas Little Cents

I’d be muffin without you printable page download.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine Box with freebie printable Big Ideas Little Cents

OR I would have Muffin if I didn’t have you printable page download.

If you have a Silhouette, I have included a print/cut file for you. Both sayings and tags are included, plus a bonus thank you tag!

**If you don’t have a Silhouette, or are using another box, print the tags on cardstock, cut them out and skip to step 5.

If you do have a Silhouette, print the tags on to the white cardstock and then cut them with the Silhouette.

The adorable box pattern was designed by Lori Whitlock and can be found at the Silhouette Online Store, it’s called “3d scalloped top favor box”. It only cost me 99 cents and was so easy to cut and put together.  Here’s how I did it:

Super simple muffin valentine with freebie print file


  1. Open the box file in your Silhouette program. I moved the box to the upper left corner of the paper so I didn’t waste any paper. {note: If you use a one-way design like the chevron print that I used here, two sides will be facing the opposite direction once the box is assembled}. I removed the two little ribbon holes from my design. You can do this by right clicking on the image of the box then click on ungroup. Click off of the box, then on to the two holes and delete each one. Keep in mind if you want to move the box after that you’ll need to select the whole image and group it again, or the box will be in separate pieces.
  2. Cut the box out and remove the paper from the Silhouette when finished.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable

3. Remove the box from the mat.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable


4. Fold along all score lines, folding towards the inside of the box.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable


5. Lay the box aside for a minute while you adhere double sided adhesive to the back of the tag. Be sure you place tape in all of the areas that may tend to curl (such as pointy edges).

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable


6. Choose which side you want your label on. Center it, and then lay the label on the paper and rub your hand all over the surface of the tag to secure it to the box.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable


7. On the right side of the box, place double sided adhesive along the little tabs on the sides of the box. {You will only need to tape the four edges that extend beyond the score marks.}

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable


8. Line up the edges, and stick them together to form the box. {Here is where you really notice that the chevron design is sideways on the left edge of the box. If that bugs you, choose a paper that is not a one-way design.}

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable Big Ideas Little Cents


Here is the finished box, so simple and cute!

Now, put your muffins in your cellophane bag.

Cute and fast "I'd have muffin if I didn't have you" Valentine free printable


Tie a knot and then attach the tag and tie a bow. Cut the ends the right length.

Super Simple Muffin Valentine with freebie printable

Now you can put your muffins in your cute box to complete your Valentine. I hope you enjoy it!

Free Valentine printable "I'd be muffin without you". Quick and cute!





Kuaku Inn Banana Bread recipe. Super Moist and sweet. Big Ideas Little Cents

I used My Great-Grandma’s recipe for Kuaku Inn Banana Bread for the muffins


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