Simple Trick to Get the Perfect Face on a Play Dough Jack O’Lantern


Easiest way to create the perfect Jack O'Lantern face on a Play Dough pumpkin. Huge time saver!I’m so excited to share with you: I discovered a simple trick to get the perfect Jack O’lantern face on a cute little play dough pumpkin. It is so fast and easy you can mass produce these cute little Jack O’Lanterns in just minutes. And it’s completely safe for the kids. 


Easiest way to create the perfect Jack O'Lantern face on a Play Dough pumpkin. Huge time saver!You’ll need a square of cardstock larger than your pumpkin. The width of my pumpkin is 3.75″ so I cut my square 5″. This ensures that the food spray will only go where I want it to.

  • Cut your Jack O’Lantern’s face out using an exacto knife. Or if you have a Silhouette you can use the Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Art Sillhouette Cut File to make it quicker and easier. 
  • Place the stencil over the pumpkin and {very lightly} spray paint the face on. You may want to test on some scrap paper first to make sure you don’t spray too heavy and have a funky pumpkin face from paint bleed. 
  • Remove the Stencil and admire your {hard} work. 

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