Shot to the Heart Singing Time Activity

Shot to the heart Singing Time activity. Super fun and easy Perfect for Valentines! Musical game

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share an easy Shot to the Heart Singing Time Activity.

I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And until a few months ago I was the singing time leader for the primary children (ages 3-11).

 Last year I found an awesome Valentine’s Singing time idea by Brooke at All Things Thrifty. I modified it a little to suit my needs. I was really short on time and needed something quick and fun.

This musical game/activity is so fun and unbelievably easy to put together.

I hope you enjoy this easy Shot to the Heart Music Activity! I know the kids will.

Here’s what you’ll need for your project.

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Download your file. If you chose the printable version, then print it out. There are two hearts per page. Cut out the hearts.  Laminate with contact paper or laminating sheets so your activity can be used over and over again.  Place a piece of  magnetic tape on the back. Magnetic tape makes it so easy to to place the hearts on the board {the chalkboards are magnetic, woohoo!}.  Make a key for yourself and the pianist that says which song you’ll sing with each number. It’s always fun to throw in a “child’s choice” song. Write your song or numbers on the heart on the front or back of the hearts.

Shot to the heart Singing Time activity. Super fun and easy. Perfect for Valentines! Musical game


Once we were at church, I just placed the hearts on the board and then chose a child to shoot. {Let me just say here that the boys that had been having a hard time getting into the music were suddenly my best friends. They loved the idea that they actually could shoot something… at church!} Once a heart was shot, we sang the song that was written on the back. To make the activity a little harder, you may want to spread the hearts out on the board. And, the smaller the heart, the harder to hit. I learned that the hard way, so I made the hearts nice and large for you.

Here are a few great Singing Time songs about love or the heart: 

I’m planning on doing a Singing Time Series, so come back next month for another great singing time idea.