DIY Pocket Knife Cub Scout Invitation

Free print/cut file (silhouette version too!). Quick, simple pocket knife invitations. Great for scouts, Father's Day, handy man. My friend, Linda called me the other day and asked me to make some invitations for the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet that is coming up. I was excited for the challenge. She sent me a  Pin of a great idea she had found by that had some measurements on it. I thought it was such a cute and clever idea. I created a knife that looked just like her version… then the next morning I asked my son to bring me his Swiss Army Knife. Wow! There were so many different blades! So, I played around all day for a while, and created the can opener and straight edged blade. I also created a saw blade, and tabs that resemble metal tabs for the ends, which you will see in your download files (they’re just not pictured here). DIY pocket knife invitation. Great for Cub Scout Blue & Gold Invitations. Includes editable files! Perfect for Father's Day or a handy dad too! I’m quite pleased with the way the invitations turned out. So, I decided to share with you. I have a few different versions available for download. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Printer
  • cardstock
  • Scissors
  • hole punch
  • 2 brads- any size (I used the mini brads, you can find them on Amazon)
  • Downloaded pattern (found below)
  • For the editable versions- Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
  • Silhouette Cutting Machine (optional)

This version has the full color (blue & gold gradient) cover as you see in the picture above and is editable. I saved it as a Photoshop Document. So, if you have Photoshop, just click on the boxes and change the text as needed. Also, I linked the text and images so if you need to move them, they will move together. For example, if you want to move the cover, everything that you see on the cover will move together. If there is something you want removed, simply click the eyeball in the layers menu and it will disappear.  The fonts I used were Bebas Neue and Abraham Lincoln. If you don’t have these fonts on your computer, your program may substitute other fonts. But, they are both free if you want to download them and use them. For the Abraham Lincoln font, it will ask you what you want to donate. I just typed in $0 and it went right through and let me download the font for free.

DIY pocket knife with moveable parts. Free downloadable files. Silhouette ready. Editable versions too! 

Here you can download the version with the cover of the above photo. The cover is more simple and uses much less ink. This file is a Photoshop document and is fully editable also. This file is a carbon copy of the one above, but the cover is different. See editing notes above.  Click here for the Adobe PDF version. This version has the outlines of all of the shapes, with no pictures or text. You can add your own text and pictures as you want. Or, you can just print, cut, and write on them. Easy peasy! This version is a Silhouette cut file. I added little thumb tabs on each blade. My son’s pocket knife has little thumb tabs that make it easier to pull each blade out of the knife. If you don’t like the thumb tabs, you can click on  a blade. Then, right click and select “ungroup”. Then you can click on the thumb tab and delete.   Tutorial pocket knife with moveable parts. Free printables and Silhouette file! You can edit it to customize it too. Each version also includes a saw blade and tabs for the end of the knife, which I didn’t get a picture of. I created it after I sent these invitations out the door. But, the saw blade is pictured above.  DIY Pocket Knife Cub Scout Invitation - Big Ideas Little Cents I had to show you some pictures of what my scout did when he saw these invitations. He had so much fun with them! It’s not every day that you find a fun, simple invitation that the boys love. Thanks Linda for finding this fun craft for me to do! I love that these cute invitations can be used for anything; birthday parties, girls’ camp, scouts, arts & crafts day with the boys, etc. This little 3-d pocket knife would even be great for Father’s Day, or a handy dad’s birthday. Each blade would be perfect for a little note about what you love about him. I’d love to hear what you do with your files, so if you use this, leave a comment for me, please. Let me know which version you downloaded and what you did with it. I’m always trying to improve, so if it worked right or not, let me know.  Enjoy!  

Simple DIY pocket knife invitations free printable! Perfect for a Father's Day card or Handy Man birthday card.


  1. 1

    dana says

    This might be one of the coolest invitations I have ever seen! What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely be using this for next year’s blue and gold.

  2. 5


    I just had to say thank you for your template., these are going to be our invites this year at our blue and gold. I was wondering if you could tell me what type of card stock and how thick was it?

    • 6

      Alissa Lines says

      Amy, thanks for the comment. Sorry for the delay in answering. I’m so glad you will be able to use these invites. They are pretty fun. I haven’t hardly been next to the computer in the last couple of months. For the cover I just used the cardstock I got from Walmart. The package says the weight is 110lb. The gray for the knives was some old cardstock I had by Stampin’ Up. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what weight it was.

  3. 7

    Melissa judson says

    Thank you so much for this pocketknife idea. Sooo easy to put in the right dates and print. The boys made them up yesterday and they were excited to make them and they turned out super cute. Thanks for sharing your creativity genius!

    • 8

      Alissa Lines says

      No Problem Melissa. I’m so glad it worked well for you. It’s fun to hear that you had the boys help. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  4. 9

    candy says

    I do not have photo shop to edit, do you have a shop on etsy or something that you can input the information and email and I can buy it?
    Thanks for your help it was a great idea.

  5. 12

    Jeana Rock says

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing this. I am sending mine out on Wednesday. I’m so glad to have a creative invitation instead of nothing!

  6. 14

    Sheryl Camp says

    I have printed this from Photoshop 4 times and each time it prints a yellow color across the entire page. It prints everything else, its just like it trying to make sure the page is yellow.

    I can’t see what layer this full page yellow is on.
    Is this happening to anyone else?

    • 15

      Alissa Lines says

      Oh shoot! I’m so sorry Sheryl. The only thing I can think to tell you is to right click on the layer that has the gradient on it, and tell it to simplify. Then try to print again. If it doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I may need to put a different version on the blog for download. I noticed there were a TON of layers, I was planning on fixing that anyway.

  7. 16

    maureen says

    Thanks for sharing the pocket knife. I think it’s neat. As you said it can be used for anything. I used it for a birthday card for my boss. It’s something completely different. Thanks again

  8. 18

    Stacy says

    I don’t have photoshop and would love to do these for our Blue & Gold banquet. Do you have another version or an Etsy account? These are so adorable I just have to use them 😄

    • 19


      Stacy, Thanks so much for the compliments. I’m glad you like it. I sent you an email with some order information to the email address submitted here.


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