Great Prices for a Disneyland Vacation

Get Away Today Disney tickets through May 2nd, save $18 per ticketOur family loves to travel. Joe and I love making memories with our kids. The problem is, sometimes traveling with six kids gets to be very expensive. Just eating out alone can cripple our budget for a couple of months. We usually take the kids on vacations that don’t cost a ton of money since we’re already spending a lot on accommodations and food. In fact, one of our favorite vacations was when we spent a week in San Diego and basically played at the beach every day. This school year I realized that our oldest is moving out, and fast. A funny thing happens when you realize your child is moving away, at least it did for me. I tried to make the most of our “last” of every moment together (last Christmas, last Spring Break, you get the picture). We decided to surprise our kids and take a big trip over Spring Break. So we did like many other people did, and packed up the kids and drove to Anaheim. We spent the week in California and visited both Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland. I was able to get great tickets to both parks through Get Away Today. I was so impressed with the friendly staff, and the superior service I received. Every time I’ve used Get Away Today for a vacation, I’m surprised at how much each customer service representative knows about the hotels, parks, and areas that I want to visit. I always get the royal treatment when I call. 

If you’ve never heard of Get Away Today, just watch this little video, it’s super fun, and explains the company perfectly.

And, right now, just until May 2nd, Get Away Today is having the biggest sale of the year for Disneyland tickets. It’s Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, and Disneyland is having a huge Diamond Celebration for the event. You won’t want to miss the celebration or the savings! You’ll save $18 per ticket, that’s pretty amazing savings. And, if you’re planning on staying for 2 nights or more, use coupon code “BILC” to receive an additional $10 off of your package. *The attached links are affiliate links. I’m happy to help you find great deals from companies I love. You don’t pay anything extra, and it helps me continue to bring you awesome products.

Save up to $18/ticket at Disneyland when you purchase through May 2nd. You won't want to miss their Diamond CelebrationMaybe you can discover some new favorites {ride alternatives} at Disneyland or the California park, like we did. Here are just a couple of the fun new things we did at Disney during our last trip.

Adventures in Disney California park Redwood Creek Challenge- great deals on Disneyland vacations through Get Away Today

When we needed some time away from the lines in the California Park, we walked around and discovered the Redwood Creek Challenge. Who would have known that kids can have a mountain tree house adventure with a giant log slide, climb a rock wall, and ride a zipline? This little park was inspired by Russell’s adventures in the movie Up. The kids had fun learning and exploring as they earned Wilderness Explorer Badges. Yes, I know their faces aren’t too excited, but in all of the shots I got with them excited, they were all a blur. 

Get Away Today Disney tickets through May 2nd, save $18 per ticket

I was in awe at how amazing Cars Land looked. I mean, Disney did a fantastic job duplicating the movie set. I felt like I had stepped into the movie. Everything looked just the same!  I would have liked to have spent some more time looking around. If you’re wondering about our cool shirts, keep an eye out. I’m going to highlight them in a separate post.

Disneyland vacation Special, save $18 per ticket through Get Away Today

On the Disneyland side, I wish we could have spent more time at the Innovations attraction. There were so many awesome new technologies. A couple of highlights were the Iron Man simulator and the power plant game. The Iron Man Simulator has a computer scan your body and then you appear on a screen as though you have the Iron Man armor on. Every move you make is made on the screen. It was pretty awesome, especially when Robert tried to break-dance. The computer couldn’t quite keep up. He’s a pretty funny little guy! The kids also had fun making power for the power plants as they played on a giant interactive game board. 

We had a lot of fun during our last trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Disneyland in 2015, hurry on over to Get Away Today by May 2nd and purchase your tickets for $18 off a piece. You can use your tickets any time in 2015. 

Here are a couple of other fun pictures from our trip.

Disneyland Vacation book with Get Away Today and save $18 per ticket!

Disneyland Vacation book with Get Away Today and save $18 per ticket!

Notice anything funny in this picture? {Look at the sign… was that made for us, or what?!}

Do you have any great tips for a Disney Vacation? I’d love to hear your suggestions. 


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    It looks like you guys had such a fun trip! I love that you prioritized some fun and special family time before your oldest moves out (good for her, but so sad!). And thanks for the tips!