Free Printable To Do List and DIY Notepad

Time to get organized with this Super quick and easy to do list notepad with free to do list printable

I’ve been trying to get organized lately. I’m not one of those people who was born naturally organized. I wish I was, but I’m not. I have to work really hard to be remotely organized. But I do have one thing that helps me, my secret weapon, the To Do List. I am a list maker. If I write it down, I see it and remember I need to do it. As long as I don’t lose my list I’m okay. Haha! When I take the time to make a “To Do” list my day seems to go better and the important things that need to get done actually get done. Something I noticed about myself is that I love to feel like I’ve accomplished something. So instead of regular check boxes, I made a “Ta Da!” column, where I can see what I’ve accomplished throughout the day. Sometimes I add things that I did even if it wasn’t part of my original list to take inventory of what I actually did throughout the day. Sometimes I’m amazed at the things I did in addition to my list. I also love a great bargain. I’m guessing that some of you may be the same way too. So, I’m sharing my Free To Do List Printable with you today. I’m also including a tutorial in case you would like to make a notepad {so you don’t have to print a new list every day}. 

Materials: {contains some affiliate links}

It is so easy and inexpensive to make your own To Do List notepad. It will only take you a few steps and a few minutes. First, open and download the to do list printable from above. There are two lists per page, so print half as many copies as you need for your notepad. For example, if you want a 60 page notepad, print 30 copies.

Super easy and cheap DIY Notepad made with free to do list printables. Cute nautical theme with an anchor.Then you’ll need to cut your papers in half. Cut the chip board in half as well. The measurement of both the paper and the chipboard should be 5.5×8.5″. I found that the I could not cut all the way through my chipboard with my paper cutter, the blade couldn’t cut deep enough. But it scored it very well. Then I finished cutting the rest of the way through with my scissors.

Super quick and easy to do list notepad with free to do list printableStack all of your lists together. Tap the stack of papers on the counter or table to line up all of the edges. Place chipboard at the bottom of the stack.

Time to get organized with this Super quick and easy to do list notepad with free to do list printable.Place the binder clips towards the top of your notepad. This will hold your papers securely in place while you turn your papers into a notepad.

Time to get organized with this DIY to do list notepad with Free Printable to do list. Super quick and easy. Great cheap gift.Use a paintbrush or foam brush to lightly coat the top edge of the with padding compound. Allow 2-5 minutes to dry. Brush with padding compound again and allow to dry.

Time to get organized? Make your own To Do list notepad with this free printable to do list and tutorial. Super fast and Easy! Would make a great giftThere you have it! Super fast and easy DIY To Do List Notepads, made in just minutes. I love that I can make these notepads so quickly and so inexpensively. I hope you enjoy my little To Do Lists too. Now, on to organizing other parts of my crazy life!

What about you? What do you do to try to stay organized? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. 

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