Free Printable Primary Program Practice Chart

Primary Program Practice Chart 2015 for LDS Singing Time Free Custom Editable Printable PDFI’m so excited to share with you my editable LDS Primary Program Practice Chart today! I’ve been working on it for a while now. I know this is late in the season. But I wanted to share my primary program practice chart in case it would be helpful to someone else out there.  It has helped the primary aged children at our church prepare for the annual Primary Program. Every year, the primary kids at church (ages 3-11) put on a “Primary Program” where they speak and sing and teach what they have learned throughout the year. The program is during our sacrament meeting and usually lasts 45 minutes. The kids are dressed in their best, and are super cute when they speak and sing. The Holy Ghost is very strong and bears witness of the truthfulness of the things taught by the children. It’s a very special meeting. I am blessed to be the primary music leader at our church. Last year I noticed that some of the kids needed extra help with the music. So I created a Primary Program Practice Chart for the kids. It worked so well I decided to make a new chart for this year’s songs, and I’m excited to share it with you for free. I {may have} bribed the kids to practice at least 3 songs every day throughout the week. As the children practice, they mark which songs they practiced and bring the sheet back to me the following Sunday. I told them if they did this, I would give them a {small} prize. Prizes usually consist of a small candy or piece of gum. Dum Dums, gum, Tootsie Pops & Smarties are all great small inexpensive prizes that the kids just get excited about. The kids were so happy and excited to tell me on Sunday which songs they practiced. As the kids left the primary room each Sunday, I gave them their candy and new practice chart, it’s worked great for all of us.


Because we were able to choose two of our own songs, I made two song fields editable so you can type in your songs and customize the chart to what your children learned.

**If you want the fonts to match, you’ll need to download the font Skinny Jeans Solid, it’s found on, and  it’s FREE! Do this before you edit your practice chart, it will make things so much easier.

  • Download your free printable PDF Editable Primary Program Practice Chart here. 
  •  Save it in a location of your choice.
  • Then Open the form. It will open in Adobe Reader.
  • Highlight “Type your 1st song choice here”, and add your song and push enter.
  • Repeat with the second song choice. The bottom charts will automatically fill in with the same songs.  
  • Print your chart out. You could also save if you wish. If you choose to save your edits, rename the file. This will allow you to access the original and make more edits later if you need to.
  • Make a Copy for each child, then they can take it home and fill in their name and the bubbles as they practice. 

Along with the practice chart I emailed the mothers and gave links to all of the songs on the chart. I told the moms what we were doing for singing time. Most everyone has computers and phones that they can download the songs to and play at their leisure. Practice can easily be done in the car, in a few quiet moments at home, or even as a family. I also made 10 CDs for those who needed them, and that was more than enough. I’m adding the links for the songs that our church is singing. I understand that there were two songs that each primary gets to sing themselves, so our list is most likely different from yours on a couple of songs. 

LDS Children's Singing Time Primary Program Practice Chart Free Custom Editable Printable PDF

I’d love to hear if you’ve used the chart or not. And, give me feedback because I plan on making one for 2016 as well. 

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