Goodbye Play-set, hello free old barn wood

Saying goodbye to the playset- Reuse the wood for old barn or farmhouse look projects

Well, the time finally came to say goodbye to the "Death Trap", AKA the "Play-set" in our yard. For years this baby brought hours upon hours of fun and imaginative play for our kids, cousins and friends. They would play on, in and around the ... [ Read More ]

Pioneer Trail Singing Time Activity

Pioneer Trail Activity. Perfect for Pioneer Day FHE or Singing Time. Free printable map and covered wagons.

Pioneer Day is July 24th. In my church, we have yearly celebrations to honor the sacrifices of the early  pioneers, some of whom walked away from everything they had to follow their new found faith. Many left every worldly possession ... [ Read More ]

30 No-Bake Meals, Perfect for Summer

30 no bake meals Delicious and simple Meals that don't require the use of an oven. Great for hot summer months.

Summer is here, and that means it's hot outside. Here in sunny Arizona, we have to do whatever we can to try to keep our homes cool in the sweltering heat. The hot afternoon sun blazes through my kitchen windows every day. And my house gets ... [ Read More ]

Do Good- Mamapalooza


I met an amazing woman at the Build Your Blog 2015 Conference. Her name is Aleisha. She's fun, bubbly, and {maybe} a little crazy too. Oh, and she talks a thousand miles per minute! One of the only ways I can think to describe her is by saying she's ... [ Read More ]

5 Reasons To Make Homemade Bread

why_I_make_featuredphoto1 copy

I don't know about you, but there's just something special about the smell of fresh, hot homemade bread filling my whole house that makes my heart happy and my mouth water. It is one of those comforting feelings I love about my home. I LOVE ... [ Read More ]